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Why Choose ZoomLearn?

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  • There is NO payment for user licences. Only your usage in terms of publication and purchase of courses are charged

  • No Payment for user licences and no cost for server infrastructure as it is on cloud

  • Our solution is tailor-made for enterprise deployment and reporting. Our third-party integration friendly APIs help you to integrate ZoomLearn within your organization.

  • ZoomLearn supports almost any training material format from the common PDFs to rare video formats to the learning-specific SCORM and TINCAN API.

  • Our robust and comprehensive reporting features enables you to have a grip on who is doing what as well as track progresses throughout your organization.

  • Don't have content for a specific topic? No problem. Just visit ZoomLearn Forum our marketplace and you can purchase content directly from vendors.

  • ZoomLearn has been developed in collaboration with industry experts and special care is taken to ensure that the application is very easy to understand and use. reviews on eLearning Industry

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